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Dragarr 06-28-10 02:29 PM

DK runes
i dont know if someone asked this before but if there a way to disable the runes between the huds?

spiel2001 06-28-10 05:54 PM

Not at this time.

Kcrash 11-02-10 02:52 AM

Is there a way to lower the runes, with the most recent patch and updates. It seems the runes are a lot higher then they used to be?

spiel2001 11-02-10 04:32 AM

The HUD had to be moved because I had to remove the viewport from nUI with the graphics rendering bug that was introduced in the WoW 4.0 patch. Right now it is being moved a default distance which may or may not be right for your display resolution. You can manually adjust the HUD location using the following commands...
  • /nui hud vofs {n}

    This option sets vertical offset of the HUD from the center of the view port. The default is '/nui hud vofs 0' which places the HUD at the vertical center of the viewport. Values less than 0 move the HUD down, greater than 0 moves the HUD up
  • /nui hud scale {n}
This option sets the scale of the HUD where 0.25 <= {n} <= 1.75. Smaller values of {n} descrease the HUD size and larger values increase the size. The default is {n} = 1
Between the two of them, you should be able to set the HUD pretty much as you like. Just be aware that when the graphics bug gets fixed and I restore the viewport in nUI, you will need to adjust these values again.

Lejion_rom 12-12-11 04:17 PM

hey Piel i was wondering, before i got Nui i used IceHud to put my runes in the middle. On Ice there was an option to increase the size and move the runes. Is there a customization option you have, either in game or a file. If not, if you are intending on adding it, as well as more numerical customization values, to allow players to move around stuff a bit, and change sizes.

spiel2001 12-12-11 07:12 PM

There are two key goals for nUI6 above all else...

#1 Fix the performance issues that are in nUI5
#2 Make the UI customizable via a GUI

Everything after those two items is gravy

Lejion_rom 12-13-11 03:19 PM

alright sounds great, cant wait to see how it all turns out. good luck!

SoulTrain0217 10-21-12 08:10 PM

I had the same issue with Monk "Chi" indicators and Paladin Holy Power meters.

You SHOULD (!) be able to adjust this via the Mover functions.

Invoke the System menu, go into the Interface settings, select Addons and then nUI, click the plus sign to expand the list of interface options, then on the General option, turn Movers ON.

This will turn most of your screen pink (thank you very much, pet battles overlay.)

Move the Pet Battles overlay DOWN until you can see a little pink rectangle in the midst of your screen. Check the name to make sure it's your DK Runes meter, then drag it to where you want it. Move the Pet Overlay back to where it was. Hit ESC to get your System menu back, go into Interface again, then navigate to Movers and toggle them OFF.

Test it out. :)

Xrystal 10-22-12 12:39 AM

and if you don't have Kodewulf's UI Config plugin then simply typing /nui movers will allow you to toggle the mover frames display.

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