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EdMigPer 06-30-10 12:28 AM

nUI Action Bars
For my warrior, both tanking and dpsing, I need two bars changing in every spec, every stance. I have always used two different bars using different pages in order to have easy, ready access to all my attacks. Basically, I'd like to be able to change both Bar 1 and Bar 2 each time I change stance. Is this possible with the nUI?

Xrystal 06-30-10 02:14 AM

nUI doesn't change the bars. The bars you see are 'copies' ( I hope I worded that right Scott ) of the blizzard bars. Blizzard only changes the bars due to spec changes and the main action bar on stance changes ( apart from a couple of stances on certain classes ).

Addons like Bartender actually coded their own action bar functionality and took more direct control over how they work and I think Scott was trying to avoid that so that things were less likely to break come patch time ... erm .. kinda like what happened with the chat frame due to blizz changing names on us :D

spiel2001 06-30-10 04:19 AM

It is not possible to have two bars change in nUI5. It will be possible in nUI6.

Airlialuna 11-11-10 08:50 PM

Is there anyway to hide the bars? I want to be able to place Bartender over top of them due to the fact that i need to be able to use Paging with my druid and i really don't want to be able to see the nui bars in behind my empty buttons...for all my other toons that don't shapeshift i will gladly be using ther nui bars but not for my druid at all.

spiel2001 11-12-10 07:40 AM

Why can't you do paging with your Druid?

Anyway... see this FAQ:

Airlialuna 11-12-10 07:58 AM

Well on my screen i see 5 bars at all for attacks one for special abilities and heals 1 for other random abilities and the other 2 for things like macros and food and professions and whatnot.

the bar for attacks and the bar for special abilities and heals both page for cat and bear form and the attack one also pages for prowl so in all i have 5 bars that i can't see that get paged in when i shapeshift...yes i actually use 10 bars on my druid Tank/Boomkin and almost every bar is full of things i use....i am a raid leader so i need a lot of random buttons that may seem redundant but i use them none the less lol.

however don;t worry about it...i found the option /nui movers and just stuffed all of your bars into the very bottom right corner so only a tiny corner of them appear and i set it to only show on mouseover so they are out of my way now totaly and the Bartender bars are in place :)

this is only on my druid however and i must say i am loving everything else on my shammy and dk and other 80s....only other thing i could really go for is Class Color health bars but that is minor in the big picture lol oh and being able to right click off buffs...but i am sure that you know all about that issue....unless i just haven't figured out how yet lol

Anyhow thx for your time and keep up the great work :)

spiel2001 11-12-10 08:32 AM

nUI's main action bar *does* page unless you have it set to the wrong page (try shift-1 to set it to the default page 1) -- it should change when you shapeshift.

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