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spiel2001 07-16-10 07:24 AM

A geek p0rn moment...
How cool is this?


Seer 07-16-10 09:07 AM

Pretty cool, bit old tho (seen it a few years back).. Wonder how much improvements they made..

Next, life size Imperial Walkers.

spiel2001 11-10-10 12:22 PM

On the subject of geek ****...
4 Attachment(s)
I thought I would share some geek p*rn from my day job.

The first two photos are our software support lab system I built for the company a couple of months ago... the first shot is a simple view of the Blackhawk avionics elements, the second one is the avionics for a Chinook. The last two photos are of an all glass trainer we're working on for the Blackhawk avionics... the first one on the bench, the second one partially built... those displays are *all* touchscreen.

Very smexy stuff. Pure, no holds barred, geek p*rn.


spiel2001 11-10-10 12:51 PM

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Here are some shots of the Blackhawk avionics trainer we built recently...

The first photo is the nose compartment of the UH-60M which contains much of the radio equipment, DC bus batteries, etc.

The second shot is an outside view of the trainer. If you look through the pilot's window, that's actually me you see sitting behind the trainer working on code no doubt.

The next photo is the view from the co-pilot's side of the cockpit looking in from the outside showing the cyclic stick (used to control pitch and roll, weapons, radio, etc.) and the yaw pedals as well as the co-pilot's MFDs (multi function displays) that normally contain the flight data.

The fourth photo shows the dash from behind the pilot (on right) and co-pilot (on left) with the MFDs powered up and active. These displays give flight data, engine data, weapon stores, system status. You also see the FD/DCP and crew alert panels below the MFDs powered up an active.

The two images after that one are close ups of the co-pilot's instrument panel and the last image is a view of the cockpit from between the left and right gunner's positions (pretty much in the troop commander's position.


Seer 11-10-10 12:59 PM

I can prezz ze red button ? Can I ? Can I ? aaaaw pweeease... Can I ?

So ? Can i ?

Ketho 11-10-10 01:05 PM

oh god .. millitary equipment geekstyle :eek:

spiel2001 11-10-10 01:16 PM

9 Attachment(s)
These shots are from the Chinook avionics trainer we built...

The first image here is of the rack system holding the power distribution, computers, I/O chassis, etc., that manage the trainer. It lives just outside the trainer.

The next two images show some of the LRUs (line replaceable units) such as radios, etc., along with wiring, hydraulic systems, etc. These are all tactical... meaning they appear here as they do in the real aircraft... fit, form and function.

The fourth image is the view from the back of the crew compartment/cabin up to the cockpit showing equipment and wiring matching the tactical aircraft.

The fifth image is the view of the cockpit from outside the co-pilot's door. You'll note the layout is very similar to the Blackhawk, but also markedly different. Each airframe is truly unique.

The next shot is just one that I think is cool... it's looking at the front of the trainer. It looks remarkably like a happy face unless you happen to be the guy he's pissed off at. ~lol~

The image after that shows the dash from behind the pilot (right) and co-pilot (left) positions with the flight displays powered up and active.

The final two shots show exterior views of the trainer installed at the training facility in the first one and being wrapped up in our facilities in the second one.


spiel2001 11-10-10 01:19 PM

Go ahead... I dare you



Originally Posted by Seer (Post 217233)
I can prezz ze red button ? Can I ? Can I ? aaaaw pweeease... Can I ?

So ? Can i ?

Seer 11-10-10 01:30 PM


Originally Posted by spiel2001 (Post 217237)
Go ahead... I dare you


Weeeee !!!! I can prezz ze re... eh wait... what... why... dare ? Huh ? eh.. but... but... ?

Petrah 11-10-10 02:28 PM


Scott, I hate to be a pain in the ass, but can you give a brief description of the pictures? My 13 year old son would be interested in stuff like this, and Id love to show him the pictures.. but I already know I'll be hit with a bazillion questions rofl.

spiel2001 11-10-10 02:55 PM


I wouldn't hardly know where to begin... best bet is to let him have the keyboard and ask away... I'd be happy to answer his questions.

In a nutshell, neither of those are real helicopters, they're just built to look and act like the real thing. The cockpits are absolutely realistic but everything is simulated in software. The electrical systems and equipment all look like the real thing, but have been modified so we can read all of the inputs and control all of the outputs.

Our software lets us simulate how the hardware works "normally" as well as to assert failed conditions and simulate things like battle damage, shorts, open wires, failed equipment, etc. We control all of the systems, produce simulated flight displays, etc.

In short, we simulate every normal behavior and every "broken" behavior in the system within the limits of the training intent of the equipment. It won't fly, but it does just about everything else.

Anyway... by all means, give him the keyboard and let him fire away with questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

EDIT: I'll go back and edit the posts to add a description of each picture when I get home this evening.

Cairenn 11-10-10 02:58 PM

One word. Okay, not a word, a sound.


Petrah 11-10-10 03:10 PM

Thanks Scott!

His computer day is tomorrow (today is off day), so if he has any questions I'll be sure to let him ask. :p

Once again, thank you so much!

Coote 11-10-10 05:15 PM


Man, that's sort of like what my dream job is. D:

I've actually been gathering parts to do something sort of what you guys build, but instead of choppers, race cars. After I get a bit more cash together (new PC comes first =P), I plan to start slapping down the big cash (monitors, gauges, linear actuators/etc) to start building a full-sized simulator. Since you seem to do similar in your line of work, do you have any advice on where to start?

spiel2001 11-10-10 06:33 PM


Originally Posted by TMcMahon51 (Post 217266)
do you have any advice on where to start?

in order of importance: design design design

don't even think about building a thing until you have spent a ton of time working out what goes where, does what, communicates with what, moves how, etc.

Rule #1: ink can be cut, bent, glued, erased, stretched, welded, folded, spliced and deleted over and over and over for nothing more than the cost of a little time. The moment you bend the first piece of metal, stretch the first wire, solder the first component or otherwise commit to hardware, everything becomes *much* harder to change and cost a fortune to modify.

Gaidinward 11-11-10 06:52 AM

Where exactly is it that you work and how do I get a job there!

spiel2001 11-11-10 07:54 AM

It's a company called DEI Services ( ) which is a division of Kratos Defense ( ).

And, yes, it is a dream job. It can be really crappy sometimes when deadlines are looming and the pressure is on, but I *love* what I do... most of the time I can't tell the difference between work and play.

Coote 11-11-10 09:48 AM

Do you come up with the simulations, or do some of the actual building? If they're anything like what I used to do (custom metal fab for cars/trucks/bikes/etc), should be fun to assemble those things.

spiel2001 11-11-10 09:57 AM

I don't do any of the building... our manufacturing department does that. All I do is programming. I'm a software engineer by trade.

Gaidinward 11-12-10 07:44 AM

Are you in Huntsville? or Falls church?

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