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pauen 07-20-10 05:36 PM

Simple Language change macro help?!
i want a macro that will change the language you're speaking to like orcish or common to what ever language your race has, and that language to orcish or common
a while back i had a something like this.
/run ChatFrameEditBox.language = (ChatFrameEditBox.language == GetLanguageByIndex(1) and GetLanguageByIndex(2) or GetLanguageByIndex(1)) ChatFrame1:AddMessage(" "..ChatFrameEditBox.language)

i want one that will work with any race any side so you dont have to change macro text to work with your race.

Seerah 07-20-10 05:36 PM

Change "ChatFrameEditBox" to "ChatFrame1EditBox".

pauen 07-20-10 05:41 PM


Originally Posted by Seerah (Post 199052)
Change "ChatFrameEditBox" to "ChatFrame1EditBox".

thanks, i think the one i had along time ago was ALOT more text, but its good now, thanks

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