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neversong 07-24-10 01:49 PM

Noob question
Hi everyone, i'm interested in learning how to skin my own wowui. Im rather fluent in photoshop and I was wondering how you actually get the graphic you design into the game.

Im looking to design my own spellbar to use in the game with lets say bartender.

Could any of you point me to a thread or explain how I'd do this?

Thank you.

Mischback 07-26-10 02:20 PM

You can use kgPanels (sorry, too lazy to search for a link, it's here, anyway) to display textures in the game.

There are only some rules for those textures (without being sure this list is complete):
- texture-sizes are power of 2 (2, 4, 8, ..., 64, 128, 256) in both directions, but not required to be square (so 64 X 256 would be ok)
- save them as 32bit TGA with an Alpha-Channel (simple in PS, just add the apropriate Alpha)
- just put them into a folder, which can be accessed from within WoW, some folder inside of AddOns should work.

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