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burny_dd 07-28-10 10:01 AM

Broker: XPBar

A broker addon that adds XP and reputation bars to your Broker bar addon.
Based on Wobin's Fubar: FuXPFu

Features -

Label displays XP or XP to go with colored text depending on progress in level.

Tooltip displays information about XP and reputation of currently watched faction.

Attaches bars for XP and/or reputation to Broker bar addons (if plugin for Broker addon provided).

Customizable bar colors plus predefined colors for reputation bar baseed on current standing.

Ace3 profile support for settings.

Install -

Copy the Broker_XPBar folder to your Interface\AddOns directory.

Commands -

Type /brokerxpbar or /bxb to open the addon interface option menu.

burny_dd 07-28-10 10:10 AM

The way the addon works now requires a small plugin to attach it to each different Broker bar addon, which is quite limiting but works for now (I just wanted those bars back :D).

When I submitted the addon I wasn't aware of Xparky, which can attach to any globally named frame and thus overcomes that limitation. I will have a look into that and might consider to provide a similar mechanism to universally attach the bars without any plugin addons.

burny_dd 08-07-10 07:33 PM

Alright, the adaption of the Xparky way to attach the bars to frames has been completed. I hope you like it :) By now Wobin has given his blessing to the project too, so it's not like backstabbing his projects ;) Thanky you, Wobin.

And now it's vacation time so the flood of new revisions with minimal changes will stop for a while :p

Henrick 10-17-10 04:42 PM

Great work on this addon. I have a small request. Could you add XP Gained this Session to label display on the broker bar? I hacked something into it to show in Chocolate Bar but would rather it be permanent. :)


burny_dd 10-20-10 01:10 PM

The session XP is now shown in the tooltip at least. I will consider if I put it on the label display as well.

Henrick 10-20-10 03:13 PM

Thanks. Appreciate it.

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