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Exportforce 08-01-10 11:53 AM

Possible to move the Group Charframes ?

for a pure Damage Dealer the nui is really just fine, but for a heal it is, at least for me, a heavy pain. I need all my Groupmembers directly underneath eachother or in any other way all to see at one spot.
So can I move the Users somehow around ? Maybe even so like wow normally does or put them not left and right the minimap but change themn so they are at least all left of the minimap ?


spiel2001 08-01-10 02:08 PM

Take a look at the nUI6 Alpha version in the nUI+ download area... it's a preview of where the unit frame design is headed for nUI6... you'll find better performance and a more healer friendly layout (though the frames shown are, technically, still the DPS frames.

Fierynarya 10-30-10 01:53 PM

Being a healer myself, I'm having the same problem - good to hear that eventually there will be a solution for it ..:)


I have a simple solution/workaround.... Use grid and clique, it works fine with
Nui - you can integrate into the info panel, or else just place it where you like on the screen.

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