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nightcracker 08-22-10 11:24 AM

Some news about my addons
I have very little time to update/maintain my addons, so I'm going to drop a few. I put them in the public domain so if you want to maintain/use them, feel free.

Addons that I want to keep:
  • ncMarkTarget
  • ncExploreMap
  • ncUI - Will be personal only, no more config, no more requests.
  • ncItemTooltip
  • ncBiggerMacros
  • ncRankCheck
  • ncError
  • ncHoverFocus
  • ncHoverName
  • ncCamera
  • ncResurrect
  • ncQuest
  • ncDequip
  • ncImprovedMerchant

Addons put in the public domain:
  • ncSkullBar
  • ncDebuffTimer
  • ncChat
  • ncKillingBlow
  • ncSpellalert
  • ncHoverBind
  • ncMinimap
  • LibLocal
  • LibCoreAPI BETA
  • ncShadow
  • ncCooldown
  • ncNameplates - I will make a class-icon only version of this soon.
  • ncBindings
  • ncBags
  • ncDatatext
Contact me if you want to take over any of these addons.

nightcracker 08-25-10 04:48 AM

OK, a little update:

ncShadow will be taken over by Ferous
ncKillingblow will be taken over by TMcMahon51
ncBags, ncDebuffTimer, ncMinimap, ncCooldown and ncNameplates will be taken over by nobgul

I will put you in the addon author teams of those addons later.

As promised my new nameplate addon, ncClassPlates is out, you can find it here:


I'm still trying to find people to take over these addons:

ncChat, ncSpellalert, ncHoverBind and ncBindings

P.M. me or post here.

nightcracker 08-26-10 10:21 AM

Ok, everyone who asked to take over the addon has been added to the addon team so they can edit and update the addon.

Please add me on on MSN([email protected]) or XFire(nightcracker) if you have any questions.

@Cairenn or any other moderator, could you please remove the following addons? Thanks in advance: ncDatatext, LibCoreAPI BETA and LibLocal.

OligoFriends 09-09-11 11:05 AM

KillingBlow Suggestion...
Hi, i'm a big fan of KillingBlow addon and i wanted to ask you if you can modify it to actually show an image instead of that text.... i have something in mind already... tell me what you think. Take care, keep up the good work.

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