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nightcracker 08-22-10 11:24 AM

Some news about my addons
I have very little time to update/maintain my addons, so I'm going to drop a few. I put them in the public domain so if you want to maintain/use them, feel free.

Addons that I want to keep:
  • ncMarkTarget
  • ncExploreMap
  • ncUI - Will be personal only, no more config, no more requests.
  • ncItemTooltip
  • ncBiggerMacros
  • ncRankCheck
  • ncError
  • ncHoverFocus
  • ncHoverName
  • ncCamera
  • ncResurrect
  • ncQuest
  • ncDequip
  • ncImprovedMerchant

Addons put in the public domain:
  • ncSkullBar
  • ncDebuffTimer
  • ncChat
  • ncKillingBlow
  • ncSpellalert
  • ncHoverBind
  • ncMinimap
  • LibLocal
  • LibCoreAPI BETA
  • ncShadow
  • ncCooldown
  • ncNameplates - I will make a class-icon only version of this soon.
  • ncBindings
  • ncBags
  • ncDatatext
Contact me if you want to take over any of these addons.

nightcracker 08-25-10 04:48 AM

OK, a little update:

ncShadow will be taken over by Ferous
ncKillingblow will be taken over by TMcMahon51
ncBags, ncDebuffTimer, ncMinimap, ncCooldown and ncNameplates will be taken over by nobgul

I will put you in the addon author teams of those addons later.

As promised my new nameplate addon, ncClassPlates is out, you can find it here:


I'm still trying to find people to take over these addons:

ncChat, ncSpellalert, ncHoverBind and ncBindings

P.M. me or post here.

nightcracker 08-26-10 10:21 AM

Ok, everyone who asked to take over the addon has been added to the addon team so they can edit and update the addon.

Please add me on on MSN( or XFire(nightcracker) if you have any questions.

@Cairenn or any other moderator, could you please remove the following addons? Thanks in advance: ncDatatext, LibCoreAPI BETA and LibLocal.

OligoFriends 09-09-11 11:05 AM

KillingBlow Suggestion...
Hi, i'm a big fan of KillingBlow addon and i wanted to ask you if you can modify it to actually show an image instead of that text.... i have something in mind already... tell me what you think. Take care, keep up the good work.

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