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wtcowboylover 08-25-10 06:56 PM

Nui puts a 14 second cool down on my judgements its only suppose to be 8 seconds. anyone know how to fix this?

MidgetMage55 08-25-10 07:04 PM

I know nUI also shows the time to expiration of certain effects on the buttons. Its been a while since I've played my pally but that 14 seconds should be the remaining time on the judgment itself.

CD should be red, either purple or blue (I forget which) should be time remaining till the effect of the judgment expires.

If you try to use the skill after its natural CD is done it should function as normal.

wtcowboylover 08-25-10 09:45 PM

ohhh i see its a damage over time spell and that is what it is counting down. It confused me cause it was fading out the spell so i thought it couldnt be used. But the countdown timer turns yellow after 8 second after which i can use the spell again. Thanks so much for your help!:)

MidgetMage55 08-26-10 02:06 AM

Glad to be of assistance. :D

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