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esoteric2 09-06-10 10:42 AM

Eso's UI (first release)
Hi I just release my first work yesterday and share it to you if you want to see it just go Here

Enjoy this UI :)

sacrife 09-06-10 10:52 AM

Nice work there, however the cooldown text on the buffs (top left) seem slightly misplaced. Too much to the right.
And there is somewhat of an inconsistency with textures.

esoteric2 09-07-10 07:12 AM

Hi, first I'd like to thank you because constructive comments are really appreciated, especially beacuse it's my first work. So I made a fix with all textures, everythings is now set to armory texture, thanks a lot :) For the buff bar it's delibarate that's the font is not center but if you want to put it more in the center , you just have to open the BuffBar.lua in the Bison folder, find the line :
b.left:SetPoint( 'TOP', b, 'BOTTOM', 12, 32)
and adjust the valor. If you lower the 12 value, you'll move the text to the left following this model :
(b.left:SetPoint( 'TOP', b, 'BOTTOM', xOffset, yOffset))
Positive x values move the text to the right, negative x values move the text to the left.
Positive y values move the text up, negative y values move the text down.

One more time, thank you for your comments.

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