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Cripsii 09-15-10 05:52 AM

C_UI (Only raid frame & Player frame for this time)
Hi !

Here is my new Grid frame.

It is not available at the moment, I still have some tests done, But soon probably :)

Just comment :)

Cidan 09-15-10 08:57 AM

Very neat! xD

Cripsii 09-18-10 03:37 PM


My New Player frame (Only for DK because Rune system ):

In combat and Low HP screen:

In idle:

With CD in progress:

(the first red bar is the 12% reduction with bloodtap 4T10 bonus, the blue bar is icebound fortitude, the green bar is antimagic shield and the second red bar is vampiric blood)

Cidan 09-18-10 08:51 PM

I love the way your runes timers count up like that, very neat!

Cripsii 09-20-10 06:13 PM

Little progress of my work :

player frame:

Explain: The DS zone is the Health you gain if you use death strike (assume DS is improved), the RT zone is the health you gain if you use rune tap (assume RT is improved). the "LOW HP" text flash if your health is under 25% (using AG text)

Target frame:

explain: The blue zone at the top of the frame is the timer of your Frost fever on the target. The green zone is the timer of your Blood plague on the target.
The HP textis a script, if the target is full life the percent not appear. If the target has +1 000 000, the HP text use format "9.3M" and if he isn't full life the percent appear (see image). If the target has +100 000 the format is 150,56K. and if she has under 100000 hp the format is 56478 for exemple.
The mana text (not visible on the screen) use the same format as Hp text and appear if the target has over 1 power.

The release come quickly but I don't think i make a DUI, just simply release as Unitframe classic.

If you have any recommandation or sugestion leave them here before the release :)

unlimit 09-20-10 09:55 PM

Beautifully made, the DS and RT predicted healing is really nifty, too.

Narinka 09-23-10 07:02 AM

Rune part looks really interesting..

Coote 09-23-10 04:11 PM

This is by far the best I've ever seen done with Open RDX. If you release it, would you mind if I include it in the next version of DesdinovaUI?

Cripsii 11-05-10 09:11 AM

Hi !

Some news of C_UI. I'm trying to adapt the C_UI Unitframe to all class in the game (Only Player and target frame. The grid frame is the same for all class but the info into is different)

Some screenshot:

Player frame: Rune graphic timer, Predicted HP for DS (10% maxhp) and RT (15%) (in the screen, the timer on the middle is just a test, is the recharge timer for rune 1. It come out now)
Target frame: Just graphic timer for Blood plague and frost fever


Player frame: Graphical count shard.
Target frame: Graphical timer for Immolation, Corruption and curse.


Player frame: Graphical count Holy power
Target frame: Graphical timer for Forbearance and Illuminated Healing.


Player frame: Graphical timer for totem.
Target frame: Graphical timer for Earth shock, frost shock and fire shock

Normally the package will be release just after cataclysm launch.

If you have comment or critic, let's go ! :)


Narinka 11-05-10 09:59 AM

Sure we have! Can you share your UI? ;))

sigg 11-06-10 05:41 AM

absolutely beautiful


Venificus 11-08-10 12:46 PM

Very cool, I love to see people using RDX for what it was designed for, which is stuff like this.

On my Warlock frames, I have always added a bar showing how much life I would lose if I life tap, and how much mana I would gain. Similar to your rune tap/death strike bars. I think your Warlock bar would benefit greatly from that addition.

Cripsii 11-09-10 04:45 PM

Oh ! The great Foundator ! the master chief Venificus :)

Love to read you on this forum and particulary in my topic :)

I have saw your older frame there is long time, But I haven't think to integrate on my warlock frame.

It's ok, and integrated :)

Thx you for your Old work ^^


decipio 11-17-10 06:49 AM

I'm wanting to build a Holy Power bar for my Paladin's UI, but I'm not exactly sure how to go about doing this. Any ideas or guides I can be pointed to?

sigg 11-17-10 10:52 AM

Add a variable "Var Power number" and select holy or shard or any type in the list.

Add the feature "Custom Icons" and use the previous variable.

And Done.


decipio 11-17-10 02:36 PM

Thank you, Sigg. I will give that a try.

myrddinde 03-27-11 12:35 PM

Might it be possible to mke the unit frames available? thanks

Cripsii 03-28-11 02:26 PM

this unitframe is is outdated.

I've personnaly loose the package after a HDD format.

If you want, tell me what UF you want (raid or player frame (class?)) and I recreate it as soon as possible


myrddinde 03-28-11 04:39 PM


Originally Posted by Cripsii (Post 233142)
this unitframe is is outdated.

I've personnaly loose the package after a HDD format.

If you want, tell me what UF you want (raid or player frame (class?)) and I recreate it as soon as possible


Thanks, I am a beginner and looking at your code would have helped me to see how this kind of timers is done. Was thinking about a way to show if I have Lightning shield one, also the totem timers seem to be nice and seem to save a lot of room on a regular ui.

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