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MattLE1983 09-16-10 04:32 PM

Just want to use...
Love this thing except I can't seem to figure out how to configure it the way I want it. I only want the following to show... health/mana power bars, mini button bag, player/pet/vehicle buffs, accumulated player/party/raid debuffs on hostile target or friendly target, and the dragable button bars. Everything else gets in the way of my ui layout i currently use. I tried using the config options and messing with /commands but don't have much luck getting rid of the stuff I don't want. Don't know if their is a way to delete certain files in folder so that only these things show but anyways, thought i'd ask for help. Anyone who can help me, just reply. Thanks.

Dramber 09-16-10 04:37 PM

That should help you a bit. :cool:

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