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Smacker 09-21-10 02:05 PM

FontString Animation
If you animate a FontString then it will not return to original position /size at the end of the animation (as Textures do)

Anyone else seeing this?

zork 09-22-10 12:34 AM

Couldn't you just save the default state in forehand and return to the "OnFinish"?

Smacker 09-22-10 11:48 AM

No, the animations don't change the texture settings like size so it is pointless the change those.

You would have to run another animation to reverse all the other ones (horrible)

Easier to delete the Frame and start again, but this can cause lots of GC.

This is a bug the FontString animations should work like the Texture animations (which do reset at the end)

zork 09-23-10 04:22 AM

I just realized what you meant yesterday.

I'm currently writing an animation tutorial addon that shows how to use the 4 animation type (Alpha, Rotation, Scale, Translation)


I thought there is some new animation that allows use to animate fontsstrings on their own (making them wave or sth. like that)

To bad I have not commited by first version, so I have nothing to show atm.

I'm doing tests with red squares that have a texture and a fontstring applied and have the same issues with fontstrings as you do.
Frame and textures will return to it's original values after the animation is finished: except for fontstrings. They stay bugged where they are.

You can adjust the texture and frame just fine in a function that you call in your "OnFinished" event.

I'm not even sure if the fontstring object is still intact. Because I tried adjusting it inside of OnFinished but got really bad results.

I think we should report this in the beta forum. Going to open up a thread.

Smacker 09-23-10 05:43 AM

Thanks, glad it isn't just me. Here's hoping they take notice and fix it.

zork 09-23-10 05:59 AM

Smacker have you found a way to change the size of a frame (not scale) in any way?

Currently there is only scaling but I want to make a frame to change it's size OnMouseDown. Currently I cannot do that with the given system.

Smacker 09-24-10 07:36 AM

Zork, via animations? no I haven't needed to do this.

I have just used Translation, Alpha, Scale, Rotation

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