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nephthyis 09-30-10 01:21 AM

Paladin Tanking Ui (1366 x 768)
Sorry, I'm not sure If anyone would like this UI. So I figured I'd post and if anyone wants it, I'll upload it. Since there were no tanking ui complications, I figured may as well post and see what people think. This my personal tanking UI I use for raiding.

Led ++ 09-30-10 03:29 AM

You could at least give us a in raid picture then since well, that's what the UI is made for.

jasje 09-30-10 07:33 AM

Not sure what your aiming for, you got square and round borders, a big ass chat that seems a bit overkill and things arnt really allgined?

BUT, as all interfaces its your own taste that works best.

nephthyis 10-01-10 08:03 AM

Haha yeah will post a raid picture. It looks better in game, I do have to say the chatbox looks a bit overkill in this picture. But its a quite clean ui with only infomation you need. Will post a raid picture.

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