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toddimer 10-12-10 10:23 AM

UnitCreatureFamily translations?
Hey all,

I'm interested in tracking the type of pet my character & party has summoned. Sadly, UnitCreatureFamily currently returns a localized pet. I haven't found an easy way to track, say, if the warlock in the party is using an imp vs a voidwalker, or a hunter using a Devilsaur vs a Wolf. I also couldn't find the translations in the WotLK global strings table.

Is there a library out in the wild, containing the translations for pet families? Or barring that, some other way to identify the type of pet a party member has summoned?

For reference, here's the function I've used:

I had my addon contributors translate the warlock pet families...but the hunter pet families will probably be harder :/

acapela 10-12-10 01:40 PM

one of the LibBabble libraries might be able to provide reverse translations of this. maybe LibBabble-CreatureType-3.0.

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