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ToolPunk 10-20-10 10:48 AM

Please Update
I would like to know if this mod has been abandoned and I should start looking for another? I am recieving several errors, dots are not showing up on the world map and so on. Please at least announce whether or not this mod is abandoned or being worked on please, thank you.

spiel2001 10-20-10 08:15 PM

I am planning on getting an update out in the next day or so... I started on PartySpotter and MozzFullWorldMap last night, but wasn't able to get them done.

Not abandoned and update coming soon.

ToolPunk 10-22-10 03:10 AM

Thank you, it would be much appreciated. I rely on this addon very heavily as I do a lot of PvP and it is very helpful in many ways. I used cartographer for a while and it had the features of this addon but was heavily bloated and unreliable. Thank you again for the upkeep and work you do.

spiel2001 10-24-10 05:06 PM

I believe I have all the changes required for PartySpotter taken care of with the 5.16.40000 update I just published. If you spot any bugs, please do come back and post them here so I can attend to them.

Kazragore 10-24-10 08:51 PM

Nice, thanks for the update. But get tons of errors after login, like this one:

1x PartySpotter-v5.16.40000\PartySpotter.lua:829: attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'arg1' (a string value)
<string>:"*:OnUpdate":1: in function <[string "*:OnUpdate"]:1>

self = PartySpotter {
0 = <userdata>
elapsed = 0.11900000274181


Only the numbers after elapsed changed.

spiel2001 10-24-10 09:23 PM

Okay -- I just uploaded another fix... missed an old global in the update. Sorry.

See if 5.17.40000 works for you now. Let me know if you get any more errors.

Kazragore 10-25-10 07:45 AM

No error after login, testing battleground later. :)

No errors in Battleground too.

spiel2001 10-25-10 10:43 AM



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