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sigg 10-22-10 03:43 AM

How To : Right click removing buff

I know that the new SecuredAuraheader is quite complicated to use, this is a helper to show you how RDX handle that.

Create a file AuraButtonTemplate.xml :
The secureAuraengine need a xml template to create buttons on the fly :


<Ui xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="
        <Button name="RDXAB30x30Template" inherits="SecureActionButtonTemplate" virtual="true">
                <Size x="30" y="30"/>
                        <Attribute name="type" value="cancelaura"/>
                                GameTooltip:SetOwner(self, "ANCHOR_BOTTOMLEFT");
                                GameTooltip:SetFrameLevel(self:GetFrameLevel() + 2);
                                if self:GetAttribute("target-slot") == 16 or self:GetAttribute("target-slot") == 17 or self:GetAttribute("target-slot") == 18 then
                                        GameTooltip:SetInventoryItem("player", self:GetID());
                                        GameTooltip:SetUnitAura("player", self:GetID());

Important tags description :
Size This will define the height and width of your buff, example: <Size x="30" y="30"/>
Attribute : indicate the button is a cancelaura type.
<Attribute name="type" value="cancelaura"/>

Create the SecureAuraHeader handler :


local headerAura = CreateFrame("Frame", "SAH", nil, "SecureAuraHeaderTemplate");
headerAura:SetAttribute("unit", "player"); -- to activate UNITAURA event refresh
headerAura:SetAttribute("filter", "HELPFUL");
headerAura:SetAttribute("template", "RDXAB30x30Template"); -- must be the template name of your XML
headerAura:SetAttribute("minWidth", 100);
headerAura:SetAttribute("minHeight", 100);

-- the following code create a buff bar anchor to TOPLEFT and buff orientation goes to right with 10 buttons max on two rows
headerAura:SetAttribute("point", "TOPLEFT");
headerAura:SetAttribute("xOffset", 30);
headerAura:SetAttribute("yOffset", 0);
headerAura:SetAttribute("wrapAfter", 10);
headerAura:SetAttribute("wrapXOffset", 0);
headerAura:SetAttribute("wrapYOffset", -30);
headerAura:SetAttribute("maxWraps", 2);

-- sorting
headerAura:SetAttribute("sortMethod", "NAME"); -- INDEX or NAME or TIME
headerAura:SetAttribute("sortDir", "+"); -- - to reverse

-- provide a simple iterator to the header
local function siter_active_children(header, i)
        i = i + 1;
        local child = header:GetAttribute("child" .. i);
        if child and child:IsShown() then
                return i, child, child:GetAttribute("index");
function headerAura:ActiveChildren() return siter_active_children, self, 0; end

-- The update style function
local function updateStyle()
        for _,frame in headerAura:ActiveChildren() do
                -- create style texture if it doesn't exist
                if not frame.tex then
                        frame.tex = CreateTexture(frame);
               = CreateFrame("Cooldown");
                        frame.txt = CreateFontString(frame);
                local name, _, icon, count, debuffType, duration, expirationTime = UnitAura("player", frame:GetID(), "HELPFUL");
                if name then
               - duration, duration);
                        if count > 1 then frame.txt:SetText(count); else frame.txt:SetText("");end

create a new handler to update the style of each button


local f = CreateFrame("Frame");

-- in the OnEvent UNIT_AURA :
-- depending of the framework you are using, delay the update to the next frame. I suppose there is a similary function in ace. The example here use our VFL framework
VFLT.NextFrame(math.random(10000000), function() updateStyle() end);

I hope this will help you in your addons.


Sideshow 10-22-10 04:38 AM

Nice post ! I need that :)

Kurak 10-22-10 05:25 AM

Great, but you could even pray for people like me who have not much idea of it, explain in what folder is it?:confused::confused:

sigg 10-22-10 06:44 AM

this is a sample code for developer LUA.


Luzzifus 10-22-10 07:43 AM

I'm trying to set up your example code as a standalone addon right now. I had to change some of these CreateTexture/CreateFontString calls. Also the events fire and call the updateStyle function. However I don't see any buffs ingame. Am I missing something?


-- the following code create a buff bar anchor to TOPLEFT and buff orientation goes to right with 10 buttons max on two rows
headerAura:SetAttribute("point", "TOPLEFT");
headerAura:SetAttribute("xOffset", 30);
headerAura:SetAttribute("yOffset", 0);
headerAura:SetAttribute("wrapAfter", 10);
headerAura:SetAttribute("wrapXOffset", 0);
headerAura:SetAttribute("wrapYOffset", -30);
headerAura:SetAttribute("maxWraps", 2);

Which one of these lines would do that red thing? :confused:

Also I did a quick search for any documentation on the SecureAuraHeaderTemplate, like.. eh.. usage maybe. ^^ Came up with basically nothing, I can't even find it in the Blizz UI Source Code..

**edit: After your example and explanation it really doesn't sound so complicated anymore, thank you for that! If only I could see my buffs. :D

Maul 10-22-10 07:43 AM

Woot, thanks :)

Ailae 10-22-10 07:50 AM


Originally Posted by Luzzifus (Post 213296)
I can't even find it in the Blizz UI Source Code..

Thanks for the code, gonna play around with it a bit. But why does the update have to happen "on next frame"?

sigg 10-22-10 07:52 AM


About the style function, you have to call it in the next frame call, because the engine auraheader also use the event "UNIT_AURA" to update itself.

What I saw, was the style function is called before the auraheader update.

Goes to right :
headerAura:SetAttribute("xOffset", 30);
headerAura:SetAttribute("yOffset", 0);

Goes to left :
headerAura:SetAttribute("xOffset", -30);
headerAura:SetAttribute("yOffset", 0);

Goes to down :
headerAura:SetAttribute("xOffset", 0);
headerAura:SetAttribute("yOffset", -30);

Goes to up:
headerAura:SetAttribute("xOffset", 0);
headerAura:SetAttribute("yOffset", 30);

You should be able to move your mouse on the button and see the gametooltip.

sigg 10-22-10 08:10 AM

the SecureAuraHeaderTemplate is located in the SecureGroupHeaders.lua

Luzzifus 10-22-10 08:28 AM

Thanks to both of you (Ailae and sigg)!

The reason why I didn't see anything was because I forgot to call :SetPoint on the header.. *cough* It's working now.

sigg 10-22-10 08:51 AM

Now let's talk about the weapon enchant.

The system is still buggy and Blizzard has not finished it.
- Rightclick on the weapon enchant is not working (bug blizzard SecureTemplates.lua:395: attempt to call global 'CancelItemTempEnchant' (a nil value)).
- The gametooltip of the second enchant always show the main hand. (file SecureGroupHeaders.lua, line 777, local slot = GetInventorySlotInfo("MainHandSlot");, replace MainHandSlot by SecondaryHandSlot)
- The third weapon enchant button is not implemented yet in the new securedauraheader

Add this in the header :


headerAura:SetAttribute("includeWeapons", 1);
headerAura:SetAttribute("weaponTemplate", "RDXAB30x30Template");

In the style function :


local tempEnchant1 = headerAura:GetAttribute("tempEnchant1");
if tempEnchant1 then
        if not tempEnchant1.tex then
                -- create your style
        local hasMainHandEnchant, mainHandExpiration, mainHandCharges = GetWeaponEnchantInfo();
        if hasMainHandEnchant then
                local slotid = GetInventorySlotInfo("MainHandSlot");
                local icon = GetInventoryItemTexture("player", slotid);
                if mainHandCharges > 1 then tempEnchant1.txt:SetText(mainHandCharges); else tempEnchant1.txt:SetText("");end


Dargen 10-22-10 09:06 AM

These are the issues that I've encountered so far with the current implementation of the SecureAuraHeader:

- You cannot cancel a weapon enchantment since the CancelTempEnchantment() function is spelled incorrectly.

- Does not update the buttons if using a unit like "target" and the target changes, etc.
- The "consolidateDuration" attribute mentioned in comments never gets used.
- The "sortDir" attribute mentioned in the comments is spelled as "sortDirection" in the actual code.
- The comments for the xOffset attribute say the default is width, however the code sets the default to 0.
- The comments for the yOffset attribute say the default is height, however the code sets the default to 0.
- sortFactory(): If the "separateOwn" attribute is 0 it will be handled as if it were -1.
- configureAuras(): Setting the "wrapAfter" attribute to nil or 0 results in a divide by nil or 0 error.
- configureAuras(): Cannot use a string template name for the "consolidateProxy" attribute or "consolidateHeader" attribute because the code tests the return value of type() for an uppercase 'STRING'.
- configureAuras(): Assigns the slot number for the MainHandSlot to the off hand enchant button's "target-slot" attribute and :SetID(). You can work around this by comparing the child frame's value to header:GetAttribute("tempEnchant2") and supplying your own inventory slot number.
- extractTemplateInfo(): Does not properly separate a template name from a widget type when both are specified in a template name string.
- SecureAuraHeader_OnUpdate(): Does not track consolidated buffs in order to move them out of consolidation when time remaining is short.
- SecureAuraHeader_Update(): Setting the "includeWeapons" attribute to 0 will cause weapon buttons to be displayed if they have previously been created.
- SecureAuraHeader_Update(): The logic that decides which buffs to add to the consoliation frame is adding buffs with short rather than long time remaining values.
- SecureAuraHeader_Update(): Due to a bug in the loop that parses the "groupBy" attribute, only the last filter in a comma separated list will be used.

Dargen 10-22-10 10:29 AM

Blizzard updates the aura header anytime it is shown, it receives a UNIT_AURA event, or an attribute is assigned to it.

When setting a number of attributes in the header you can minimize the number of times Blizzard updates the header by setting the "_ignore" attribute first (or you can hide the header since the OnAttributeChanged script also ignores attribute updates when the header is not visible).

As long as the "_ignore" attribute is set, Blizzard will not update the header. When you're finished changing attributes, restore the original "_ignore" attribute value. To force a header update you can then set any other attribute.


local oldIgnore = header:GetAttribute("_ignore");
header:SetAttribute("_ignore", "attributeChanges");
-- Set all your header attributes here
header:SetAttribute("_ignore", oldIgnore);
header:SetAttribute("_update", header:GetAttribute("_update"));

Luzzifus 10-22-10 03:18 PM

I just uploaded a first version of a very lightweight buff frame replacement using SecureAuraHeaders:

Rightclicking buffs off works like a charm (except for weapon enchants, as already said). If something doesn't work, feel free to flame me.

(No seriously, don't. :p )

Rilgamon 10-23-10 12:53 AM

This is a great guide to help me understand what I need to learn ... BIG THANK YOU!!

For my addon ProcWatch I have one bar that shows certain buffs on more than one unit (player, target, focus). From reading your guide I guess this will no longer work when I want cancleaura to work. Am I right ?

Grimsin 10-23-10 01:39 AM

Someone make sure Elkano sees this, ElkBB! :banana:

Luzzifus 10-24-10 02:13 PM

You don't need those calls to Show() and Hide() for buttons in the updateStyle() function. The headers do that on their own and the calls cause taint errors in combat.

Btw. how would I make it work with the consolidation feature, when Blizzards code to create the consolidation button from a template is broken?

Rilgamon 10-27-10 02:17 PM

I'm playing with cancelaura ... why on earth do I have to set "unit" ?
Are there other units than player where I can cancel an aura ? ;)

v6o 10-27-10 06:31 PM


Originally Posted by Rilgamon (Post 214665)
I'm playing with cancelaura ... why on earth do I have to set "unit" ?
Are there other units than player where I can cancel an aura ? ;)

You can cancel vehicle buffs, and possibly pet

Rilgamon 10-27-10 10:27 PM


Originally Posted by v6o (Post 214737)
You can cancel vehicle buffs, and possibly pet

ups, never thought of that or tried it :) thanks for the tip :D

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