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Trockenbrot 10-27-10 12:33 PM

Newbie Question
I tinkered a small InfoPanel [Grid / Omen] together. But it's not "perfekt" since i just started with Lua... :D

I want to fix some nasty Grid-configurations which need to be done by the user right now.

There are 3 things which need to be set on a specific value to fit optimal into the panel:
  • Scale to 0.75
  • Spacing (Border) to 4
  • FrameLock to true
But i only found the method SetScale() i could use to set the scale to 0.75.

So my question is:
Is there a way to change the configuration values of a other addon, without using their methods?

spiel2001 10-27-10 12:38 PM

Yes... write to their saved variables directly... but that's a hack at best.

Trockenbrot 10-27-10 01:05 PM

First, big thanks for the quick answer!

It sounds like "You could do it, but it's better you don't!" :D

So it's probably better just to inform the users what they have to do and ask the grid-authors for adding the needed methods ... some day, right?

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