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thumbsmasher 10-28-10 04:39 AM

Aura vs Buff display
I am a nUI+ noob, trying to get my display set up. Per the nUI-elements.jpg on the nUI homepage, the icons located between the health bars are 'auras', and the frame on the left, above the chat panel contains 'buffs', but when I set my 'maxauras' to <0>, both the auras AND the buffs disappear. I would like to lose the auras, and keep the buffs. What am I doing wrong?

It would also be nice if the cooldown bar went away....

Thanks in advance...

spiel2001 10-28-10 04:57 AM

Aura and buff are interchangeable terms... when you set maxauras, you're setting both. There is no mechanism in nUI5 to have one and not the other.

As for the cooldown bar, the slash commands are all documented here:
  • /nui hud cooldown

    This option toggles display of in-HUD spell cooldown bar, cooldown alert messages and cooldown sounds on and off.

  • /nui hud cdalert

    When the in-HUD spell cooldown bar is enabled, this option turns the display of ready messages on and off.

  • /nui hud cdsound

    When the in-HUD spell cooldown bar is enabled, this option turns the playing of ready sounds on and off.

  • /nui hud cdmin {n}

    Sets the minimum amount of time required for a spell to be displayed on the cooldown bar when it first begins the cooldown. If the initial cooldown period is less than {n}, it won't display. The default value is '/nui hud cdmin 2'

thumbsmasher 10-28-10 06:35 AM

Got it.
Thank you for the rapid reply!

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