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Fierynarya 10-30-10 02:01 PM

Sort 25-raid by group?
Is there any way to sort the players of a 25 man raid into the groups they
are actually in? Sorry for being a blockhead, I am sure somewhere, sometime I did read something about it - but if there ever was a threat, it is sure doing
a nice job at hideing itself from me ^^

If anyone knows the answer and has the time, thanks for enlightening me :-)

spiel2001 10-30-10 09:36 PM

nUI does have a working raid sort... buy it isn't obvious because of the way the nUI5 unit frames are organized. nUI6 makes it more obvious. See the slash command docs here...

/nui raidsort {unit|group|class|name}

Selects the sort order used to display unit frames while in a raid. The 'unit' option sorts unit frames by the unit ID from raid1 to raid40. The 'group' option sorts unit frames by the raid group number and the 'class' option sorts by the player class and the name options sorts the raid by the player's name. The default is to sort unit frames by the raid group.

Fierynarya 10-31-10 06:43 AM

ARGHHHHHHHHHH - sry, for being so ... mh, stupid? ^^

Thanks Scott.

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