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Xruptor 11-02-10 06:52 AM

Launch Button to install addons?
Silly question, but did anyone ever think of adding a button to the right hand side of the addons (Under the downloads button) to launch the MMO Minion client if installed and install the addon? Something like the curse client install with a single click button.

I'm not asking this for myself as I don't really mind since I install addons manually. However, I feel that lots of people whom aren't very computer savy use that single click button because it's easy for them. Maybe something familiar can be done with and the MMO Minion client?

It's just a suggestion of course. I know you can do a search for the addon via the client but there are tons of people that are lazy or just not computer savy enough to realize this.

Again this is just a suggestion ;)

Xruptor 11-08-10 06:39 AM

lol I guess not ;) Doesn't seem like anyone checks or updates this forum anymore.

Nobgul 11-08-10 07:24 AM

They do update the forum. May just be a busy week =P

Seerah 11-08-10 04:22 PM

Technically, this isn't a question just for Minion and Shirik. ;) It's also for Dolby and the website.

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