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Byakko 11-03-10 11:46 PM

Using custom art in portraits?
In the gap between now and Cata, I've finally gotten down and seriously thought and plan to make my own UI. Currently, I'm thinking about using Stuf as my framework and go from there.

Two ideas for my UF though, I'm not sure if they're possible in Stuf, or any other UF framework.

1) I want to have static portraits of the toons that change depending on states like 'In Combat', 'AFK', etc. Sorta like Z-mob does with 3D models, but I would like to use static portraits.

2) Custom art for portraits themselves? I typically want to use this for my Hunter pets to fit their UF as I like them. I'm thinking of doing custom art for them, but I'm not sure if it's possible to use custom, static art in the pet portrait.

As yet, I've only just dabbled in Stuf, and still working on the overall design. Heck I have trouble with kgPanels still! But I hope someone can help me with these questions :D

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