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Kirnath 11-13-10 09:56 AM

Graphics Help, Please :)
I'm rather new to making graphics for a UI, I found so be somewhat helpful, but, the images weren't coming up (kept getting broken images/links) so I had no reference to go on..(I even tried to register in case it was something having to do that I was a guest, filled out the register page and got a "bad argument" error.)

it's been a long time since I've worked with TGA files, so I'm looking for more of a basic guide or step by step for creating an image to work in game.

Thankx in advance. :)

Duugu 11-13-10 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by Kirnath (Post 217608)
but, the images weren't coming up (kept getting broken images/links)

Could you please provide more details on this part? Do you use an addon to show you images? Which one?

Seerah 11-13-10 12:44 PM

He means the images in the tutorial post on wowace.

Yes, they are attachments to the post, so, it may be that you need to log in, I'm not sure. They show up fine for me. There are probably other tutorials on the web as well, I'm sure.

There are three rules for WoW graphics:
1. The file must be in .tga or .blp format
2. The file must have an alpha layer (this would mean 32-bit .tga, not 24-bit)
3. The dimensions of the image must be a power of 2

If you're more comfortable working with .pngs (which have a transparent/alpha layer by default) then you can convert them to .blp using

jeffy162 11-13-10 01:00 PM

The broken images/links is usually a problem with your browser (at least that has always been my case) or there may have been some problem with a network (or internet) connection.

Basically, graphics for WoW need to be a certain format, and a certain size to work in-game.

Size: Any combination (pixels vertical measurement X pixels horizontal measurement) of sizes as long as they are a power of two. IE: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, and (I think) 1024. I think 1024 is the limit at the moment. All measurements are in pixels. Size might depend on the addon being used to import the graphics in to the game, so please check if it has a size limitation.

I think they must be in R(red)G(green)B(blue) format, also. 8bits per color channel, plus an 8 bit "Alpha" channel if you choose to use one. I believe an alpha channel is only necessary if you need part of the graphic to be transparent, since I have opened many graphics that have no alpha channel, but also have no transparency.

When saving the graphic, be sure to save as a uncompressed .tga. If your graphics program supports alpha channels, save as a uncompressed 24bit (no alpha channel) or 32bit (with alpha channel) .tga.

Edit: DOH!! Thanks, Seerah, for clearing up some glaring faults in my post, and for a link to a conversion program. This is what happens when I think. (slams head into table top)

Kirnath 11-14-10 12:18 AM

Right, I understood the part about it having to be TGA -

Using the (full health/mana) example:

Where the Paw is the health
the blue is the mana
the green is the casting/rep bar

Now I'm not sure if I am asking the question correctly, what would I have to do to get this to work in game? Like would I have to put it all on different layers? What purpose does the Alpha layer hold?

I can work w/ a PNG, but I suppose the same questions apply but the graphic I am using or wanting to use I wanted to change from a black/white version when not full, into a colored version.

thank you for all the help

I have Tried google chrome, MSIE, AND firefox to see if it was the browser issues. I've cleared cache's and restarted my modem/router.... the unavailable images, are not on my end, nor is the inability to make an account - it is possible you could attach them here for me? until I can actually log into the wowace site (or get it to work correctly) I'm still kind of in the dark...

Xubera 11-14-10 12:24 AM

if you want the paw to move down, like a vertical statusbar, your gonna have to dabble in :SetTexCoord() and :SetPoint()



frame in the above would be whatever the paw would be anchored too... this makes the texture fill vertically upwards

it may be a good idea to have an image that will always be full, but give it an alpha, and as the main texture depeletes, it leaves a shadow of its full form behind :)

zork 11-17-10 07:41 AM

Kirnath easy to do with oUF.

oUF provides the functionality and modules. All you have to do is to call the modules and create the textures. Check oUF_Diablo.

You need a reputation statusbar, a power statusbar, a fake health statusbar and a paw texture that will get updated on the UnitHealth event based on the fake health statusbar status.

Overlaying textures/frames is np with the WoW API.

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