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reddrumjay 11-14-10 10:32 AM

What's the Status on 6.0?
How's 6.0 coming Scott? Are you going to make your 12/7 deadline?

spiel2001 11-14-10 10:44 PM

I'm trying.

Raesoth 11-15-10 09:27 PM

Reminds me of an old ebgamers commercial
Kid: Is it here yet
Clerk: No
Kid: Is it here yet
Clerk: No
Kid: Is it here yet

CorpsefirenL 02-08-11 09:19 PM


Originally Posted by spiel2001 (Post 217820)
I'm trying.

Take your time, you can't rush art.

Solgath 02-15-11 01:23 PM

well problem is, nui5 is getting worse and worse, first auras now this awesome bug that makes right clicking impossible, i mean, even for myself with maxaura's to 0, i get the problem, and the more blizzard updates the worse things get....

spiel2001 02-15-11 10:06 PM

I'm doing my best.

Belechannas 02-16-11 12:55 PM


Are there any areas where you could use coding help from others?

The project is obviously big, and nUI5 support reminds me of the old joke that God was only able to create the world in six days because he had no installed base...

spiel2001 02-16-11 01:00 PM

Not really.... It would take longer to explain everything that needs to be done, and how I want it built, than it would take me to just do it.

EnderXi 02-23-11 01:15 PM

Would it not be possible for some of the community to take over bug hunting and fixing in NuI 5 while you focus your attention on 6, not that I am offering I have like zero coding experience but I am sure that you might find a couple of volunteers if you put out a request.

Seer 02-23-11 02:20 PM

There are a few who help out with bug hunting / fixing allready (Xrystal for instance).

Would take a whole lot of Xrystals to help out I suppose.. Anybody got a working cloning device ?

Xrystal 02-23-11 05:00 PM

haha Seer, I don't think my family and friends can handle more than 1 of me :D

Sisiphus300021 04-05-11 01:05 PM

Just wondering if the addon is still alive? I have not seen any updates for a bit. If its dead please let me know so I can stop my monthly paypal donation. Dont want to stop using the addon. Its has everything I need in one. Thanks

Xrystal 04-05-11 02:01 PM

The last thing Scott said was that he was having some real world issues but he has never once said that he is stopping work on nUI 6. Seeing as it is in beta at the moment with a lot of it not available within nUI itself you may have to live with tinyu's work around for a working UI with it until Scott surfaces with a hopefully complete beta or an update.

nUI 5 itself is technically end of life but until version 6 comes out I'm sure those of us playing with it will be able to iron out most if not all of the bugs one way or another in the interim.

If you feel more comfortable postponing your paypal transaction I am sure Scott will understand.

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