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Solgath 11-24-10 09:52 AM

nUI and both sides...
ok so we got this great nUI user interface, which makes playing awesome and so forth, the problem is, blizzard brings out a patch, and things get broke, now i can understand ppl wanting a working version, one that will work till nui6 comes out, problem is, its not really working currently, pet bars disappear when they feel like, buffs are covering important info for when we are in raids, and lets look at it this way, ppl raid, and target a boss, be u healer or dps, ur gonna not be able to see everything, which can be a pain in the ass when u need to remove a buff from the boss or debuff a player, or trying to use healbot, now saying the bug will be fixed in nui6 is great, and i'm looking forward to said version, but will it be ready for cata? thats the thing we dread, will nUI be useable and in working order for when we get stuck into new content? even with new content now, its still a pain, when my pets bar disappears when i have my pet out, now i'm not saying scott is wrong for wanting to devote time to nui6 and have it working, problem is, while we wait, the current version we are all using is broken, and ppl are going back to the default ui or changing to a ui that works better.. now i'm not gonna change, not in a million years, this isn't a FIX IT BITCH OR I GO USE SOMETHING ELSE thread, its a "hope things are ready for cata" thread, and a plea to scott to maybe devote a little time to the problems that are lingering so when cata comes out, which is not far away now, its not a big impact on playing and we have something we can use in the mean time.

as a final note i would like to say, AWESOME ADDON scott, and keep at it man!

spiel2001 11-24-10 10:19 AM

The simple truth is this... there are not enough hours in a day for me to do it all... the donation level is nowhere near what's needed for me to not keep a day job. So, that means that 12 hours a day are gone right off the top for that... I'm up at 5:30 in the morning to get the day started, get my daughter to school, etc. Back home at 5:30 in the evening, fix dinner, tend to her homework, etc... it's 7:00 or later. I've got a couple of hours left.

How do I invest that time?

I can either work on making nUI6 ready, or I can fix the things in nUI5 people are concerned about. Pick your poison... you get one or the other, not both.

To be fair, I know nUI5 has issues, but they are non-trivial to fully fix... both require basically rewriting how the auras and pet bars work. Is it worth the many hours of coding and testing it would take to rewrite something that's not going to be used as soon as nUI6 goes live? What's the gain? At what cost?

Truth be told, in my view, the issue with the auras is a bit of a pain, but it's mostly cosmetic... it's ugly, but does not break game play. The pet bar is a bit more problematic, but since most people do not actively apply pet spells, even that has limited impact.

So... I *can* fix nUI5 and make it fully stable... but you can forget seeing nUI6 anytime soon if I'm making that time investment.

And before someone says it... I appreciate the people who volunteer to help me work on nUI6, but it would take me longer to explain what I want done and how than it would take me to do it. And, to be totally honest, nUI is and always has been my baby and I'm reluctant to involve other people in the direct development of it... I have no issues with others supporting it after that fact as Xrystal, Brillynt and others do, but the initial code is my thing.

So... that's my side of the argument for the sake of those who are interested in the discussion.

God's honest truth, I would love nothing more than to have enough support from the nUI community to be able to work full time at nUI and I'm working diligently to make that happen, but to date the support has not been anywhere near that level nor that consistent and frankly, I'm not terribly confident it ever will. If it were, then nUI would be far more than it is and I could have long since had nUI6 running, but the bottom line is I have to balance between a work life, family and nUI and I know it suffers as a result. It's just reality at its best I'm afraid.

Solgath 11-24-10 10:27 AM

yeah i can understand that side of the argument, and yeah i don't have a life, and would love to help ya out, but my ability in coding, is as much as i have when it comes to vehicle repairs lol, just myself reading all those posts that basically are saying 'FIX IT BITCH' with no real insight into what has to be done on ur end, thats the main reason i started this, gives me a chance to vent, and it shows ppl just how much you scott put into this project, even though its more a hobby than anything else.

also, i would love to donate more to help, but as i have no life i currently live on a centrelink benefit, pain the ass but i have little choice in the matter, hopefully my ability to program will improve when i start UNI next year, doing a bachalor of IT and game design, major in software or game design

Xrystal 11-24-10 01:26 PM

Having a mage, warlock and hunter that I play often for dailies and stuff I know it can be annoying as hell... my solution around it ? If I need access to their abilities I simply macro it to the regular bars or see if it lets me drag it to the regular bar ( which I think it didn't let me hence the macro side of things ).

I try to make sure the pet bar appears before I start combat but sometimes a reload doesn't work so yeah thats where the macro option is taken in play.

If I ever figure out why the bars disappear and can work out a temporary solution most of you know I will make it available for people to use ..

I have an idea for the aura bars - but not sure how well it will work so won't say much here on that.

I have already decided to convert my old temp movers fix into a full plugin module that people can use to make any frame movable that currently isn't in nUI. This way it saves Scott working it into nUI 5.

I for one can't wait for nUI 6. After all that testing of it before the patches hit I came to enjoy it a little tooo much :D And that was just the unit frames rofl.

All I ask and I am sure Scott feels this earnestly is yes, report anything that isn't working as you expect but please just check back at least on each last page of threads to make sure it hasn't been reported. Just don't expect a fix to be forthcoming if it isn't totally game breaking.

Solgath 11-25-10 02:25 AM

yeah, i think the main problem i had was taming one of the new pets, and the pet window won't update regulary, got an error on taming a fox or monkey i think, how ever, the reason i made this thread is to give ppl an insight into what scott and other have to do to get this addon to its working awesomeness, and having seen it, maybe lay of the "fix it bitch" threads...

Wasgij 11-26-10 11:42 AM

Bottom Line to me Real Life comes first.... This is a game and there are work around for mod issue's ..... He has worked his butt off on this and I say keep on doing what you can with Nu6 and leave 5 were it is .... Thats my 6 cents ( inflation 2 cents went up this year )

Chmee 11-26-10 06:17 PM

As old as the expression "that's my tuppence" is, if you're acounting for inflation, it probably ought to be "that's my $1.98" at least! :eek:

spiel2001 11-26-10 07:05 PM

Is it really "tuppence", or is it actually "two pence" ??

Xrystal 11-26-10 07:10 PM

It was actually 2 old pence .. tuppence became the spelling based on how it was spoken ..

spiel2001 11-27-10 09:21 AM

Kewl... I learnt summpin' new


Chmee 11-27-10 09:23 AM

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