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Ahlis 11-27-10 10:49 PM

Tooltip positioning & Target Debuffs
I'm a new user to nUI and I wanted to know how exactly I can go about rearranging the positioning of my mouseover tooltips as well as my debuff/buff list in my UI. Here is a screenshot pointing to the items I am indicating (the parts outlined in red boxes, basically):

Any help/advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Seer 11-28-10 03:12 AM

Tooltips are easy

/nui tooltips {owner|mouse|fixed|default}

This option sets the location of the mouseover tooltips where 'owner' displays the tooltip next to the frame that owns it, 'mouse' displays the tooltip at the current mouse location, 'fixed' displays all tooltips at a fixed location on screen or 'default' does not manage tooltips at all

/nui movers

Enables and disables moving the standard Blizzard UI frames such as tooltips, durability, quest timer, quest tracker, PvP objectives, etc.

Use the tooltips option to set them to fixed, then use the movers option to move the tooltips to where you want them.

For the debuff parts you'll need to edit the layout files. There are some threads on the forum on how to go about that IIRC. To lazy to look for them now...

Ahlis 11-28-10 12:19 PM

I have tried the /nui tooltips command and it did not work correctly, unless I typed the command wrong. If I understand it correctly, it should be typed /nui tooltips {*type option you want here*}? Or did I totally mess that up?

As for movers command I shall mess with that more today and see how far I get. Thanks~

spiel2001 11-28-10 02:00 PM

If you want all of your tooltips to appear in the same fixed location, then the command is
/nui tooltips fixed

Ahlis 11-28-10 04:33 PM

Aha! The /nui movers command has really helped me out in how I would like to modify my UI layout. Thank you. However the buff/debuff areas cannot be moved with this option it seems (the bottom left and right bars in my screen with my toon name on it). How can I go about altering those, or perhaps disabling them (I can enable the Blizz default or use another addon for buffs/debuffs like I have before)?

spiel2001 11-28-10 06:07 PM

Disabling built in nUI features to replace them with other mods is not supported. nUI is one tightly integrated mod and doing so usually breaks things... it is also against the entire design philosophy of nUI. There's a FAQ on it here:

As for moving the player and target buffs, that's a non-trivial thing in nUI5 though it can be done. You need to edit [ Interface > AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default > UnitPanels > {panel mode} > nUI_UnitSkin_{panel mode}{unit id}.lua ] where {panel mode} is one of Solo, Party, Raid10, etc. and {unit id} is one of Player, Target, Pet, Vehicle, etc. Locate the ["Aura"] section somewhere near the bottom of the file and play with the xOfs and yOfs values to move the aura displays left/right and up/down respectively. You'll see other options there you can play with to modify the aura display, as well.

You might also look at the nUI_AuraButtons plugin in the "nUI: Unit Panel" section at for an alternate display of player, pet and target auras.

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