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KrasusFMR 11-29-10 12:47 PM

Fire Mage Radio Needs DJ's
Hey everyone here at WoWInterface.

I'm Krasus, the Radio Manager here at Fire Mage Radio, and I am here to tell you a little bit about us, what we plan on doing, and giving you a little preview of what's to come, as well as try to get some new staff members for DJing jobs!

So we here at Fire Mage Radio created this non-profit (for now) station for the soul intent of bringing the World of Warcraft community a radio station that appealed to them, with the many WoW parodies out there from people like Decision, Gigi, EmberIsolte, and HordeOnYourTube.

Our goal is to get your attention and become a main part of your WoW experience, bring you amazing music 'round the clock and keep you entertained, even if you got bored of leveling that Alt Rogue of yours.

Basically, I'm here right now to let you all know about the opportunity of a life time. WE ARE HIRING! We need DJ's of all skill levels. Whether you are professional and went through school to know all the required material to get into the broadcasting game, or you hear it and are so in love with the idea, that you want to get your hands in it as fast as possible, we want you! The DJing job is unpaid for now, but it's a fun opportunity for you to enjoy your WoW experience, talk with parody artists and even make a bunch of new friends!

We here at FMR, aren't just co-workers, but we're a family. We stick together through all the bull**** that gets thrown, if anything is willing to be thrown! So apply today by either adding me, Krasus, to skype or facebook, or by replying here and private messaging me your skype or MSN information!

Skype: cynre.

Looking forward to working with you all,


grimreaperzzz 02-08-11 09:31 PM

I have always been told i have a "voice over" voice, but i don't know about that. I have always wanted to try DJing.
My screen name on here is GRIMREAPERZZZ and i do have Skype, name is also grimreaperzz.
I would be honored to have the opportunity to at least try and hopfully you like what you hear.
I am a frost mage on Elune, (toon name is Shinigamisan) and i hope to hear from you soon.
You can email me at <Email address removed for your safety. Don't post your email address in a public thread, send a PM directly to the person instead. ~ Cairenn>
Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

Huntofdark 02-17-12 05:03 PM

Hey, i'm Huntofdark from duskwood server, alliance side, this Dj thing sounds really cool i sit in vent talking about alot of game stuff with my guildies, i just hang sit and chat with everybody, so i would like more information on doing this thanks email at <Email address removed for your safety. Don't post your email address in a public thread, send a PM directly to the person instead. ~ Cairenn> or add me at

Aftermathhqt 02-23-12 12:07 PM

Wow this sounds nice.. would love to DJ :) I also recently started to produce music also (EDM. Electroic Dance Music) and i'm always updated with the music especially within the EDM. I know all new stuff, and what tunes are real bangers.
I can talk on vent, skype without any problem, my voice is cool i guess.

Skype: Guillaume.ellby

Hope we will talk soon!

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