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spiel2001 11-30-10 05:21 AM

Known bugs and compatibility issues... nUI6 Alpha
The following is a listing of known bugs in the latest nUI6 (Alpha) version for WoW 4.0
  • Eject button missing for rocket way in shimmering flats?
  • nUI and Capping are competing for the minimap and BG map
  • The combination of MobInfo2 and MoveAnything breaks unit frame tooltips
  • Equipped item cooldowns do not appear to be working on the action bars
  • tooltip is repeating the health value in a loop for dead mobs(fixed in Alpha)
  • TitanPanel is conflicting with nUI6 management of the minimap (fixed in Alpha)
  • Spell duration timers are not working with Macros(fixed in Alpha)
  • No right-click menu on unit frames in combat (fixed in Alpha)
  • Add assist count to target unit frame(fixed in Alpha)
  • Minimap is not scaling correctly with varying display resolutions (fixed in Alpha)
  • need to remove the viewport until Blizz fixes the graphics bug with water and the sky (fixed in Alpha)
  • nUI5 Holy Power, Eclipse and Shard bars missing HUD casting bar to anchor to with nUI6 enabled (fixed in Alpha)
  • Taint bug in the pet bar causing bar to not update when dismounting in combat(fixed in Alpha)

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