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ominus 12-07-10 05:13 AM

Strange problem with Mozz
Hello and thank you for keeping alive this awesome addon.

I would like to address a very weird problem which i encountered today while playing the new Cataclysm expansion.

I installed the mozz addon and works perfectly with the toons i already have in my account.I can see the blue/green unexplored regions in the old Orgrimmar map and the unexplored regions of the new Mount Hyjal map.

The thing is that the mozz doesnt seem to work at all with an 80 level toon which i transfered from another account of mine.The addon does show the blue/green unexplored regions of Orgrimmar but it does not show at all the unexplored regions of the Mount Hyjal map.

I have deleted completely the WTF folder and start a clean one with only the mozz addon,but the problem persists.

Do you think that the reason for this dysfunction of the addon lies on the fact that my toon is transfered from another account? if that is the cause,how exactly does this affect the function of the addon?

the frustrating thing is that i transfered the toon to my upgraded account so that i can do my first level up with that specific toon.

anyway i am only asking if you can suggest a solution,something that i can do so that the addon properly shows the unexplored regions of the new Cataclysm in my transfered toon.

spiel2001 12-07-10 05:34 AM

No... the new map regions are not in the database for MFWM, so it doesn't know what to highlight. I will be updating the database ASAP to address this.

If you look carefully, you will also see that it is getting confused in the zones that have new maps such as the area around the rift in northern and southern barrens... this is happening for the same reason in that the new data is not in the database but the zone it still triggering the old data.

ominus 12-07-10 06:21 AM

ah ok spiel2001 thank you for your clarification.
thanks again for the work you are doing with this addon.

spiel2001 12-07-10 07:45 AM

I'm going to try and fly all of the zones tonight and update all the map data if I can... I have to get a fix out for nUI as well tonight to deal with the XP bar (doh) --- so I may or may not get the map done tonight.

Soon(tm) :D

Derpo 05-03-11 02:07 PM

Map updates?

I saw this (old) post about map data being updated.
I downloaded the latest client ready for patch 4.1.
Although I discovered the entire map of all zones, it keeps showing me unexplored fragments of areas.
Pressing M several times to pop up the map, the placements of the green fragments differ everytime.
Also I noticed the green fragments show old pre-Cata map data, not the ones after the Shattering.
(That's why I replied to this previous post.)
I deleted all old data and reinstalled the addon, but it did not make any difference.

spiel2001 05-03-11 05:18 PM

Yeah... the update I did was TOC only as I have been ill and was unable to work/play. I'm back in the saddle now and hopefully will have a real update with all the correct map data soon(tm)

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