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Paprika 12-16-10 11:26 AM

Excluding items from the Carbonite Button Frame
Would it be possible to add an interface-option or just a lua-file where we can put in our own items which should not be captured by the Button Frame?

Latest problem, this addon:

I don't want to wait 2-3 weeks for this kind of issues too be fixed everytime i spot one of these addons, it's getting annoying. Since you have a life too and can't fix stuff 24/7, an exclusion-list would be a better solution.

carboniteaddon 12-16-10 04:17 PM

A UI would be many hours of work, so I just moved the table to Localization.lua:

NXMapAddonMinimapNames = { -- # is stripped
["GatherNote"] = true,
["GatherMatePin"] = true,
["MobMapMinimapDot_"] = true,
["CartographerNotesPOI"] = true,
["RecipeRadarMinimapIcon"] = true,
["NauticusMiniIcon"] = true,
["ZGVMarkerMini"] = true, -- Zygor ZGVMarker1Mini

I installed Archy, but his dig icon frames do not appear to have names.

It also seems to be leaking frames, since duplicates will appear in the Button window, when you turn it off and back on.

Paprika 08-05-11 11:22 AM

["MobMapMinimapDot_"] = true,
is not working for some reason. The Mobmap-icons will be catched by your frame.

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