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jdsal8 12-20-10 09:21 PM

Help With auras
I an new to NUI. I love everything except I would like to disable the health/mana bars around my character. I cannot find anything that helps me with this. If it is not possible, do you have to delete some of the coding out of UnitAura.lua? If so what part?


Chmee 12-21-10 12:19 AM

Look at the console (top middle of the screen). There's a button there (red in the default UI). It will probably say "Player/Target". Click on it. Do it again. It's a switch with four or five settings. Find the one you like.

spiel2001 12-21-10 06:24 AM

I do not recommend turning the HUD completely off... there's information in the HUD you don't get anywhere else (your debuffs, the cooldown bar, HOT/DOT bar, etc.)

If you don't like having a HUD, I would recommend trying the "Simple HUD" mode for a while. It also has a simplified health bar (called the health-race bar) -- if you decide you don't like the health-race bar, you can use the command '/nui hud healthrace' to turn it off, too, while still keeping your debuff display, HOT/DOT bar, etc.

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