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Spirit 12-21-10 03:19 AM

Archaeology no digs sites showing in new zones
I have 525 archaeology but no dig sites show up on the map for any of the new zones, I just keep getting more dig sites in either Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms minus Hyjal, Uldam, Vash ect. (have done outlands and northrend digs and they show up)
Any help would be appreciated.
Using carbonite 4.032 .

Authors of carbonite a huge thank you for the best addon ever

Ailae 12-21-10 03:47 AM

Perhaps just bad luck?

Dig sites in the new zones also count towards the maximum four per continent you can have up at any one time. As soon as you reach 450 skill, there's a chance you'll get a dig site in the new zones. But it's not by any means guaranteed.

Spirit 12-21-10 05:27 AM

Thanks for that - i was was getting confused because i have dug and dug and still no new area dig sites - just my luck lmao

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