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muratto 12-22-10 08:50 AM

Positioning Issue
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I couldn't find how to arrange these. I am sending a screenshot with attachment to explain. If you explain I'll be really glad. Thanks from now..

spiel2001 12-22-10 09:11 AM


I'm not sure why your HOT/DOT bar is overlapping your cooldown bar. That's very odd. That said, you'll find the Cooldown bar location in [ Interface > AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default > HUDLayouts > {hud mode} > nUI_HUDLayout_{hud mode}.lua ] -- you'll want to change the xOfs and yOfs values in the [ elements > cooldown_bar > anchor ] section.

To move the HOT/DOT bar, you'll be looking in [ Interface > AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default > HUDLayouts > {hud mode} > nUI_HUDSkin_{hud mode}_Target.lua ] -- look for the [ "Aura" > 2 ] section near the bottom of the file where aura_type = "harm" and player_auras = true -- as before, change the values for xOfs and yOfs in the [ "Aura" > 2 > anchor ] section to move that bar.

Note: {hud mode} is one of PlayerTarget, HealthPower, etc. depending on which HUD mode you use.

muratto 12-22-10 09:27 AM

Thanks for help, I'll try to fix it.. It says xofs: 0. Does positive values brings it up or down? I can take care after this i think..

spiel2001 12-22-10 09:48 AM

xOfs moves it left (negative/smaller values) and right (positive/larger values) -- yOfs moves it up (positive/larger values) and down (negative/smaller values)

Helidoc 12-22-10 10:59 AM

I actually get the same as the above poster, funny thing is, it doesn't happen all the time. And can't be reproduced to figure out what exactly is happening some battles it lines up properly others it doesn't. I just figured it to be a quirk of the viewport issues that blizz is having andas it's a minor issue will wait for nUI 6 to be released to see if it duplicates there.

spiel2001 12-22-10 11:16 AM

I *think* it's being caused by the same taint problem that plagues the player and target buff displays. And, yeah, it will have to wait for nUI6 to be properly fixed.

Just 5 more working days left until I'm on nUI6 full time


muratto 12-22-10 02:36 PM

i tried to change the values of xofs and yofs but it still seems same.. but it's true that at some combats it fixes itself and looks proper.. but not all the times.. hope it can be fixed in nUI 6..

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