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Astrocanis 12-30-10 09:10 AM

Quests in 80-85
Anyone else think Bliz has kind of screwed the pooch on replay? No way to pick and choose quests. It's "go here, get one quest. turn it in. get 3 more. turn them in. get one quest. turn it in. go here. rinse, repeat."

Was kind of fun the first time. Not incredible - seemed like "old quests, new area". Not sure I'm interested in a second.

kasca 12-30-10 10:42 AM

ya BORING!! They opped for the easy route for them selves. Only a few zones to lvl in. I got 2 of my 6 of my 80 to 85. I dont see me doing it again real soon. Ya blizz screwd the pouch on this one.:mad:

Rilgamon 12-30-10 01:29 PM

Yes, leveling 80-85 is more of a guided tour through azeroth ... I know that you cant invent new quests and there are limits to what one can do still the crew responsible for the 80-85 part of the world failed and should go ask the ones who created/recreated the 1-60 world.

Astrocanis 01-02-11 03:16 PM

I think the problem that I'm having is the "gatekeeper" nature of the quests. You literally can't go on unless you follow a strict linear questline. The new quests in the older areas are pretty much the same. All quests are linear and must be done in sequence.

I remember skipping some quests. Now you can't.

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