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Ishamaell 01-13-11 09:47 PM

Tooltip location help!
Oki, I noticed a thread on here about how to adjust the location of a toolbar or something on here. I'm trying to do similar with the tooltip window. I want to move it to a specific, permanent location, but not its default location, or with the option default (lower right of the screen). Ideally, I'd like it in the middle rightside of the screen. (essentially just UP from the where the "default" option puts it.)

How do I do that? Thank you for your help.

Dramber 01-13-11 11:15 PM

/nui tooltips {owner|mouse|fixed|default}

This option sets the location of the mouseover tooltips where 'owner' displays the tooltip next to the frame that owns it, 'mouse' displays the tooltip at the current mouse location, 'fixed' displays all tooltips at a fixed location on screen or 'default' does not manage tooltips at all

/nui movers

Enables and disables moving the standard Blizzard UI frames such as tooltips, durability, quest timer, quest tracker, PvP objectives, etc.

So what ya do is type: /nui tooltips fixed
then type: /nui movers
move the tooltips where you want then type: /nui movers again to set the position.

Ishamaell 01-13-11 11:48 PM

w00t, thats it exactly, thank you sir!

Kyplor 05-22-11 03:41 PM

Tool Tip - Mouse
Okay, I've read through a few of these replies regarding this command:
/nui tooltips mouse

When I use this command and I mouseover a player or NPC, the tooltip still shows in its fixed position. It does not show at the mouse position.

I tried changing the tips to each of the optional settings, but still no luck.

What I am doing wrong?

spiel2001 05-22-11 03:52 PM

It's because of how the mouseover tooltips work in the 3D world space versus how the unit frame/action bar/item tooltips work in the user interface space. For now, nUI does not interact with the 3D world space, only the user interface space. So, those tooltips are current "unmanaged" -- I hope to address that in nUI6, though I have not yet.

Kyplor 05-22-11 04:00 PM


That I understand.

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