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Elendhriel 01-19-11 09:38 AM

Target Macro
I need help with a target Macro.

Basically what I do now is for example:

/tar Corrupting Adherent
/tar Darkened Creation
/tar Cho'Gall

but I want the Macro to only target Cho'Gall if no Darkened Creation is alive. How to do that ? Thanks.

Chibi 01-19-11 09:41 AM

try shuffling the order:


/tar Cho'Gall
/tar Corrupting Adherent
/tar Darkened Creation

it'll target Darkened Creations if they're up, Corrupting Adherents if there are no creations up, and Cho'Gall if neither add is up. Important to note it'll shuffle through all available targets from top to bottom, so make sure you're actually looking at what you need to be before you start casting.

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