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Dgrimes 02-06-11 09:34 PM

Been a while since I've posted a UI so here is my latest built with the current version of RDX.

Still a work in progress.

The main blue bar acts as a powerbar, casting bar and shows the duration left on my empowered shadow buff, changes color to indicate if shadow orbs are available to use.

Needs tweaking on some stuff still.

unlimit 02-07-11 08:53 PM

I like it, I like it a lot.

Dgrimes 02-07-11 11:35 PM

Thanks, I just need to figure out how to incorporate holy power into it for my paladin.

Cidan 02-08-11 06:47 PM

Absolutely beautiful.

Dgrimes 02-14-11 10:56 PM

I think I've managed to get my holy power shown on this UI in a non intrusive way.

Edit: Tweaked the raid frames also, moved the name plate up a bit and added the health deficit text under it, shows curable debuff icons, aggro border (which doesn't work half the time, no clue why).

unlimit 02-15-11 02:51 AM

I'm probably going to steal your idea for holypower in my unitframe.

unlimit 11-16-11 04:36 AM

Curious if you still have these frames, Dgrimes, or if you wouldn't mind if I so blatantly stole your design? =p

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