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elchampon 02-13-11 04:49 PM

move Buff / debuff section
I just installed NUI and i really love it except for one thing................. I can't manage to move up the buff / debuff aura section. when there are more than 5 buff or debuff, they just start to appear behind the chat section or the recout section... how can we move that??? i tried everything... this is driving me totally nuts lol... please help me cuz i don't want to give up on NUI just because of this ...

Relalenh 02-13-11 05:23 PM

It's a known problem in nUI5 that won't be fixed. This thread offers an alternate solution until nUI6 is released.

elchampon 02-13-11 06:49 PM

thank you , i knew about those aura buttons addons but prefer the interface of the list.. ill wait 'till NUI6 or go back with Quartz for the timers...

thanks again.

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