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Sarad 02-23-11 07:59 PM

nUI units out of place
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Any way I can move them slightly? You can see---the map and chatbox are protruding over the top of their given spots and the exp and rep bars are in odd places.

Great UI by the way.

Edit: Disregard the exp/rep bars, just noticed they're attached to the other bar/buttons. However, when I cast, the cast timer show up over my health bar...that intended?

Xrystal 02-23-11 09:43 PM

Looks like thats evidence of a broken load of addons. The bars on the right side of the screen shouldn't be there unless you manually changed nUI's layout files to do that yourself.

The Infopanel in the bottom right should automatically fit into place during the nUI loading process. Which is where the suspicion of a broken load comes into play. if it doesn't get to that positioning code due to an error elsewhere it would stop the rest of the loading process.

One thing you can do is to only have nUI set to load up and see if that completes the loading process. If not, perhaps rename the wtf folder and retry. If this time it works it looks like the nUI.lua files in the wtf folder is corrupted somehow so put the old folder back and just delete the nUI.lua files in the wtf folder for the characters and/or servers that have the problem.

As to the cast bar appearing above the health bar. It should appear in the name bar on your unit frame and in the top center of your hud area.

ShadowProwler420 02-23-11 10:06 PM


Originally Posted by Xrystal (Post 230479)
It should appear in the name bar on your unit frame and in the top center of your hud area.

The cast bar in this position should be your target's, whereas your own
cast bar is beneath the HUD. ;)

Xrystal 02-24-11 03:29 AM

I stand corrected :D Or maybe mine is messed up and high in the hud :P

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