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Daveo77 03-05-11 04:39 AM

nUI : InfoPanel [Decursive] & Decursive v2.6.1

The new version of Decursive doesn't play nice with nUI : InfoPanel [Decursive].

When on the Decursive Info Panel, the little boxes don't appear within the Info Panel, but above the bag icons.

I have rolled Decursive back to v2.6.0.1, which doesn't have this issue.

Something has changed in latest version of Decursive to cause it to not play nicely with nUI : InfoPanel [Decursive]. It does generate a debug report within decursive (which in chat log tells me to type '/dcr general report').

Hope this is fixed soon, so that I can upgrade decursive to the latest version.

Xrystal 03-05-11 08:03 AM

Thanks for letting me know that. I'll try and sort that out over the next few days or so.

Ah, I see what they did. They added a vertical display that may be default. For now see what happens if you turn off vertical option. Hopefully the variables for the rest of the display will be the same and will keep it at least working somewhat until I figure out the new decursive features. My apologies for not knowing of the new Decursive version. They have yet to update the WoWI version. I only go to the curse site for addons if WoWI doesn't have what I am looking for.

Xrystal 03-05-11 08:38 AM

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Okay, without any changes to the plugin tweaking the decursive settings will get the desired result. Once I have found out which variables to use I will code it in automatically but here's a screenshot showing the settings working as I envisioned them to work.

Xrystal 03-05-11 10:03 AM

Okay, took some time to look into why the Dcr variable isn't working anymore. This is the value they used to use to store the options while the addon was running. Unfortunately they are now using the local environment options available to them and thus cutting back on the amount of global data floating around the system. This means that although we have access to the frame itself to move and size it to fit the infopanel we no longer have the ability to automatically make the option changes.

All you can do is let the plugin reparent and reposition the frame and then tweak the options to suit the display to your taste.

Xrystal 03-05-11 04:11 PM

Okay, I found a line in one of his other files that seems to be what we can use for now to access the database. How long it will be available I don't know. Updated project to reflect new access point and use of new variables for layout purposes.

You can still customize this values after log in to suit your tastes but some of the settings will be reset on reload unless you change the values in the plugin file itself.

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