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sigg 03-10-11 07:41 AM

New IDE, end of learning LUA
You don't need to learn LUA anymore.

Welcome to RDX world.

The IDE (Integrated Development Editor) is built in the game.

You can create some panels.
With the IDE, you can edit each panels, add some simple elements (frame, buttons, textures, font) or complexe elements (health bar, totem bar etc ...). You can apply some shaders, colors using conditions.

The IDE will generate the LUA code of your panel and execute it on your UI.

The IDE concept:

Tutorials here:

Learn more about RDX and the multi user interface manager:

And then, join the community of "no more LUA !!!"

Best regards

Lily.Petal 03-10-11 08:11 AM

How would you add extra types of action bar button border? For example I use
BF: Cainyx. How would I go around adding that particular type of border?

sigg 03-10-11 08:31 AM

We have the same concept call buttonskin.

the RDX mediapack already provide many button skins. You can add new one with the register functions. From the IDE, you can open the buttonskin picker to select and use it.

For example the texture picker :

You skin could be used in action bars, buff/debuff icons, cooldown icons, specific icons etc ...

gfxamk 03-10-11 09:12 AM

come on admit it... you dont like notepad++ :p

Coote 03-10-11 09:36 AM

I've been thinking of jumping in and trying RDX out for a long while. I guess now is as good a time as any. Never really understood it much before, but it definitely looks promising.

sigg 03-10-11 10:15 AM


I could admit, I am a 5 years jedit extremist ...

The previous version OpenRDX 7 was having too many bugs and unfinish stuff. I wasn't ready to make support and develop it at the same time. So I spend two years to develop it and imagine the concept.

For example the RDX layout engine, you don't need to create a compilation for each resolution screen (1440*900 or 1920*1200 ...) RDX will detect the resolution of the user and automatically move all elements to the right place, so more easier when sharing your creation.

The RDX 8 is enought stable now and I can focus on many UI definitions. I hope to present them to you really soon.

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