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krenkerlaif 03-19-11 03:11 PM

Action Bar reference for Macro's
I have 2 macro's one that Misdirects to Pet/target/focus, then one that hunters marks, pet attack etc.

Both are on seperate buttons, I want a macro that will allow me to press one key twice to simulate me clicking button 1 then button 2.

I'm using ?click but after that the bar and button refernce are a mystery, tried alsorts of variations but still no joy.

Anyone have an idea

Duugu 03-19-11 04:35 PM

Try /framestack and point to the action button to get the buttons name (the default action button must have a spell or action or whatever assigned to show a name).

Then add the button's name to the /click macro:

/click ActionButton8

I'm not sure, but I think the button name is case sensitive!

krenkerlaif 03-19-11 05:27 PM

cheers will try tomorrow

krenkerlaif 03-20-11 05:22 AM

ok got the format, but wont left me put 2 lines of /click

/click nUI_BottomLeftBar_Button9
/click nUI_BottomLeftBar_button10

it does line one which is Misdirect but then wont do line 2 as it says action is not available as misdirect is on GC. Is there a reset command to go between the lines

avngr 03-20-11 06:46 AM

Not sure if you really want to use the buttons directly for some reason I'm not aware of, but you could just macro those abilities directly and skip worrying about the buttons.

something like:

/castsequence [@focus,help][help][@pet,exists] Misdirection, Hunter's Mark

I'm not sure of your exact Misdirection macro obviously so that's just an example, but I think /castsequence is the key to what you're trying to do. That will cast the first ability on your first press (MD) and the second ability on your second press (HM). I suppose the pet will get the attack command twice this way, but that shouldn't be a problem. The icon/tooltip will also change to whichever ability you're on in the queue.

You could also add a "reset=5" or something in there so that if you for some reason abort before the second press the sequence will reset after 5 seconds (or whatever time you choose).

I haven't tested exactly what I've posted, but I use /castsequence regularly, for example this 2 press escape macro:

/castsequence reset=5 Wing Clip, Disengage

Good Luck!

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