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Dewy 04-07-11 04:03 AM

nUI and oUF?
Has anyone integrated oUF into nUI?

I am loving the nUI addon, thank you very much.

I can not stand the unit frames though. I play a healer and 5 mans 99% of the time, and just can not get the info I need in the default unit frames.

I have tried with Vuhdo, and can get the healing frames I want, but I am wondering if I can just completely switch out the unit frames with oUF?

Thanks in advance.

tinyu 04-07-11 05:18 AM

which oUF do you use there is alot of them.

Dewy 04-07-11 06:19 AM

Was using caelins, but I am not liking it, so going to switch to another.

Haven't settled yet on one.

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