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Laale 04-15-11 10:41 AM

nUI Nuub Questions
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I downloaded nUI, spent very little time setting it up (because of the ease of use) and so far am in love with it! But now I'm trying to tweak a few things and am lost and needing some help...

My first question is: is there a way to remove the buff frame for the pets? I may be a bad Hunter in this concern, but I don't spend very much time focusing on my pets buffs, so that part of the frame is wasted screen space for me. If there isn't a way to remove the pet's buff frame, I would be more than happy if both frames took up less space, which leads to my next question.

Is there a way to edit the buff frames so they adjust to the number of buffs that are on, in this case, both my Hunter and her pet? For example, having the frames anchor at the bottom/top and grow upwards/downwards to accommodate the number of buffs at any given time on both of them?

Lastly, is there a way to separate the Hunter's aspect bar from the pet's action bar? As they're set now, the Hunter's aspect bar is bound to the pet's action bar. I would love to be able to move them to different locations on my when editing the /nui movers. If that isn't an option right now, is there a way to flip the bar itself so that the Hunter's aspects are on the right side instead of the left side, along with making the aspect bar interactive so that the icons can be moved to different spots on the bar itself?

I apologize for all the questions and if they're re-hashing something you've already covered, but any help would be greatly appreciate!! I've attached a screen shot to show the areas I have questions about.

Thank you in advance for the help...and the great addon!!

tinyu 04-15-11 11:36 AM

Thre issue with the buff frames (on the left) is know and should be fixed in nUI6 as to your other questions, nUI was not designed with the intent to have users move frames around, its annoying i know and lots of people have requested similar features.

spiel2001 04-16-11 08:51 AM

nUI6 will allow you to control the aspect and pet bars separately.

Laale 04-16-11 03:08 PM

Double YAY!

Thank you for the replies...I will be looking forward to the newest version.

Gaidinward 04-18-11 05:21 PM


Originally Posted by spiel2001 (Post 234661)
nUI6 will allow you to control the aspect and pet bars separately.

Thank you again for a wonderful UI, I won't use anything else. Just curious if you had any ETA on when ver. 6 will become available?

spiel2001 04-18-11 07:10 PM

I am working on it again, so you should start seeing updates again in the next few days.

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