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crazzzzi 05-12-11 08:47 PM

HUD weirdness
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first off, thx for making nUI such an indispensible add-on ...but my prot warrior started getting a strange issue with the HUD, his rage bar is where the enemy health and resource bars are, and the enemy health bar is where his rage bar is. My hunter and priest have all their bars in the correct spot. I can't seem to get this forum to upload my files or i'd attach a pic :(

spiel2001 05-13-11 03:26 PM

There's a red button at the top center of the display that probably says "Health/Power" now -- click it until it says "Player/Target"

crazzzzi 05-14-11 02:12 PM

/bonks self on head thx for putting up with my inattentiveness :) can't wait for 6 to be in full beta, the alpha looks awesome so far

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