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dusf 06-26-11 10:48 AM

PickupAction and Dominos?
The macro and script I use is in two parts.

Macro1 which is set to slot one of my stealth bar contains the following:


/script local localizedClass, englishClass = UnitClass("target"); if (te==0 and (fn(sn)==0 or not fn(sn))) then PickupAction(14); PickupAction(15); end

/swapactionbar 1 2

/click ActionButton3

/swapactionbar 1 2

/stopmacro [noexists]

Macro2 which is in the second slot of my second stealth bar is:


/script PickupAction(15); PickupAction(14);


This macro/script works perfectly and as intended with the default Blizzard bars but when I play with Dominos it stops working, and I really want to play with Dominos.

I have tried starting with PickupAction(3); PickupAction(2); (and vice versa for the corresponding macro), and gone up all the way past 100 in increments of 12 in case this was happenening because Dominos uses a different numbering convention. I have tried removing both mentions of '/swapactionbar 1 2' and changing '/click ActionButton3' to /click MultiBarLeftButton3 with and without Macro2 moved to first the second AND then third slot of every bar and then again going up through the numbers - none of this worked.

I have been at this hours upon hours now, and it feels like I am so close to discovering whatever small piece of syntax I have to adjust to make it work with Dominos, but I just haven't been able to find it.

Can any of you work it out?

dusf 06-26-11 05:54 PM

Works now, thanks.

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