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Johnjamie 07-10-11 06:40 PM

Is your program is related to wow but not an addon
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I recently created a program which is related to wow but its not an addon as such.

I've also attached a screenshot, but not sure where to post it as its not an lua addon.

Its a menu program in a panel format which has wow weblinks in it to common wow information sites. You click a button and it opens the weblink with your default browser.

It's programmed it with most of the common wow links, however as I said I wasn't sure where to place it in wowinterface as its not really an addon.



Nobgul 07-10-11 07:07 PM

What language is it programmed in? What is the license it has. did you write it?

Johnjamie 07-11-11 02:30 AM


Yes I created this program, the language is an extension of C++ sortof, Autoit.

Its not an addon and will stay in front of most windows programs running in windowed mode, world of warcraft tested, which is handy when you want to click buttons on the panel.

The license of this version is freeware, and donations are welcome. :)

Users can reprogram the buttons and set up multiple panels if they want.



Arxae 07-11-11 02:43 AM

Autoit is not an extension of C++ :)
It is a language designed to automate windows. The compiler and runtime and such is made in C++ :)

Cairenn 07-11-11 07:44 AM

Hi Johnjamie,

While we do sometimes allow files that aren't precisely addons, they do still tend to at least be addon related. Your file really isn't. I think we're going to pass on hosting it. Sorry.

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