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litesung 09-15-11 11:17 PM

Quick Photoshop Request!
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I haven't downloaded photoshop on my computer yet, but I have a quick and simple request that could take as little as one minute to do - to change the white background on these three images to transparent images.

Can anyone help me out really quick? It's for a project.


unstoppixel 09-16-11 02:08 AM

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Tada!... enjoy!!! :D

litesung 09-16-11 05:34 PM

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Thanks! :D

If you have time, do you think you can do another?

tinyu 09-17-11 08:01 AM

Photoshop is a big ass download might i suggest you give GIMP a try?

Vlad 09-17-11 08:08 AM

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Here, hope it's good enough.

litesung 09-17-11 11:39 AM

Great! Thanks! :D

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