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Dameon 10-07-11 07:09 AM

Both health bars together
I have several toons that use nUI and 1 has both health bars to the left and other bars to the right. I rather have mine left and the mobs right. Not sure how it changed.I didn't enter any commands. Just got on my priest one day and it was like that but only the priest. The others are fine.

Thanks Damon

Chmee 10-07-11 02:07 PM

This has nothing to do with PartySpotter.

It sounds like you're using nUI 5+ and have clicked on the red button in the middle top of the screen. That button controls the hud display, cycling through the several options. So click on it until you get what you want.

Dameon 10-08-11 09:43 AM

That did it. thanks. sorry I didn't see that to begin with.

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