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goldragon 10-18-11 11:01 AM

Dugi Guides and nUI
Just wanted to toss out after checking the enhancements that are already available for nUI if you would be able to add support for Dugi Guides like the one that already exists for Zygor. I am presently using it while using nUI and do not seem to be getting lua errors. On of the functions in the latest guide is the ability to lock the guide info panel with the quest list. In the regular blizz ui the quest helper is on the right side of the screen below the mini map. Not sure if the fact that the quest helper has been moved will not allow the frames to be locked together or if its the fact that the mini map has moved. I did use movers and changed the side that the quest helper was on to match where it goes in Blizz ui. Would not lock together either way. Any info would help. Thanks for the best interface out there. :D

Xrystal 10-18-11 01:52 PM

Does that guide require payment to use it ? For someone to write a plugin for it they would need to be able to play with the addon itself to see if its viable for an info panel plugin.

As to the regular watchframe movability, by default nUI locks it in place, I think on the left hand side. However, /nui movers will allow you to move it to where you want and then use /nui movers again to lock it in place. If it still lets you move it its possible that you are using an addon that allows you to do that.

If I have misunderstood what you have said about the regular watchframe can you attach a screenshot of what you mean to help me get to grips with whats causing you problems.

goldragon 10-18-11 03:08 PM

Dugi Guides
Im sorry to say but it is one you pay for. Although it doesnt cost much and updates are free forever so I like it. LOL. Oh yeah back to the question at hand. I did use movers to change the position of the quest frame to the normal position in Blizz ui and it still would not lock together as it does in the Blizz ui. I am wondering that in separating the mini map and the quest panels that a setting was changed that allowed the guide frame to lock with the quest frame. I am thinking that it may be that in that the quest frame was set to lock right under the minimap in the blizz ui. I will see if i can get more info for you to go by. I did contact Dugi Guides and got a response.


nUI is not an addon that we work on.
Our current features such as Map Preview and Floating Small Frame are conflicting with nUI, thus if nUI is detected, we would disable those features.
Until we figure a way to allow our guide to co exist with nUI, there is not much we can do.
Fixed compatibility issue with SexyMap and nUI
* Anchored Small Frame off by default - This option is not compatible with SexyMap, Carbonite, nUI


I guess my only question concerning this is the fact that the frames were separated and moved in nUI from the position in Blizz ui would that have caused this issue. Keep in mind that I am using the guide presently in nUI and it works fine, just some functions are not available. My question was mainly put out there to see if anyone else had the issue and if anyone has found a work around. If thats the case then I am sure Dugi Guides would love to know about it. Thanks for the quick response.

Xrystal 10-18-11 04:02 PM

Ah I see, yeah, if they initially had the guide anchoring to the minimap instead of the watchframe then yes that would cause a problem. nUI reparents the watchframe to nUI so that it can take control of its location. if they make it so that the guide attaches itself to an optional side of the watchframe ( left or right, top or bottom - depending on shape/size of guide ) it should solve the problem. With a flexible offset parameter it would also allow the possibility of customised watchframes to work with it.

goldragon 10-23-11 09:06 AM

Just thought I would give you a chance to see if it is what you think the problem is. Dugi has a free program on the site when I was posting before I totally forgot they had a scaled down version for free. Its at http://www.*********************/downloads/ Hope this allows you to confirm your suspicion.

Xrystal 10-23-11 10:40 AM

can't access the link as we're not allowed offsite links on the site but I'll see if I can find a download for it somewhere and dabble with it while I level my newest lowbie.

goldragon 10-24-11 03:53 PM

its ultimatewowguide and is a dotcom

Xrystal 10-24-11 04:12 PM

yeah found the site but no freebie download option when I looked, I won't be getting back in game until near the end of the week so will have another look then.

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